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This is Es Krim so Frest and Cool

September 2, 2015

This is Es Krim so Frest and Cool - Excessive material can also lead to failure. One example is you if you enter too many developers, the cake will inflate higher than usual. However, the adverse effects of this is cake will taste slightly bitter. And of course this will reduce the delicacy of the cake you have made. In addition, time management must also comply with the procedures for making steamed sponge that has been set. If you reduce the time in the process, it will also impact on the final result. One example is the time needed to whisk eggs and sugar.

If time is less, so the dough will not expand properly. And this will lead into a sodden sponge cake and make cakes were tiny and not tender when eating. To avoid all the things that can derail the manufacturing process, the following will be presented how to make steamed sponge true.

Recipes and How To Make Bolu Steamed Brown:
At first input eggs, ovalet and sugar in a container and then shake mixer using medium speed for a few moments, then increase to a high level until the material expands. Add flour, milk and cocoa powder and shake again at medium speed until ingredients are well blended.
Enter melt the butter and mix well. Pour the batter into the mold previously greased.
How to make chocolate steamed sponge next is steamed dough over medium heat about 30 minutes until the dough is cooked to perfection, then lift and then let the cake to cool.
Remove cake from pan mold then split into 2 parts, then apply a strawberry jam take on a sponge that has been cut before, and then closed again.
Grab a plate and then cut to taste and chocolate cake ready to eat.